Most of us are living with challenging symptoms that are stopping us from living our best lives.  We may even have symptoms that we have adopted or normalized; we have grown accepting of and accustomed to them.

All symptoms are trying to tell us something. Our symptoms are trying to speak to us.  Let Jacqueline translate for you. 


Jacqueline is a Naturotherapist dedicated to providing holistic wellness within the region Waterloo, Ontario. With a deep belief in the body's innate ability to heal, Jacqueline integrates various modalities to create personalized wellness plans for her clients. Her extensive education and experience in one's own innate wellness allow her to offer services that are both effective and empowering. From nutritional guidance to mind-body therapy, Jacqueline's approach is rooted in understanding and enhancing the natural healing processes of the body. Jacqueline embraces the teachings and practices of Anthony Williams and SOC.  Her mission is to empower clients to take charge of their health, and to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life; all in order to become their own best healer.  


Many diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions and symptoms are effectively addressed naturally including:

Chronic inflammation, Gut health (SIBO, Crohn's, IBS, bloating), Migraine, Thyroid function, Eczema (acne/skin conditions), Anemias, RA, Autoimmune, Exhaustion/Fatigue, Anxiety, Menopause - and much more.


New Patients Welcome!


“Jacqueline has transformed my approach to health. Her deep understanding and personalized guidance have truly helped me tap into my body's natural healing abilities. Highly recommended!”

Sarah L.