Subtle Influence Medicine

Subtle Influence Medicine (SIM) encompasses a vast practice known as Total Body Modification ™ (TBM).  TBM is a time-tested Biofield system of healing that relies primarily on analyzing the individual's body through kinesiologic/radonic (muscle testing or pendulum) evaluation of TBM-specific body points, systems, pathologies, emotions and or radionically-charged test vials. 


Subtle Influence Medicine (a Biofield practice) does not suppress or ignore our patients' symptoms, we seek to respond to them in a way that restores the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. Biofield practices (ie SIM) use hands on healing to restore the full energetic function of the bodies systems, via the autonomic nervous system and etheric bodies, allowing for optimal physical and emotional health and wellness. Most corrections are made with simple energetic shifts such as tapping and breathwork, which will facilitate a change in the energy field, effecting the physical, mental and/or emotional body.  Most often, immediate results are apparent. Nutrition is used to support, but not drive the healing process, therefore significantly reducing the amount of nutritional supplementation a patient/client needs.  


Why SIM?

Just as work on the human biofield shows, Subtle Influence Medicine effects the emotional and physical wellbeing in its entirety.  The benefits of harmonizing the autonomic nervous system along with the body's systems, pathology's, emotions; energetic and physical - are worthy of exploring for yourself.


Subtle Influence Medicine is capable of effectively addressing a broad range of symptoms, including:

  • Neurological systems 
  • Digestive
  • Circulatory
  • Lymphatic (fluidic)
  • Pathogens (virus, bacteria)
  • Mystery illness
  • Reproductive
  • Body systems
  • Allergens
  • and much more


These practices are not a replacement for medical attention.  Always consult your health care provider.