Transpersonal Counsel

Healing & Support in this manner was founded in the early works of Carl Jung, William James, and Abraham Maslow, with the goal of enhancing the study of mind-body relations, consciousness, and spirituality. Transpersonal psychology is the study of human growth and development from a perspective that delves deeper into the inner soul.   In essence transpersonal counseling is a genuinely holistic practice concerned with the body, the mind and the spirit. 

A transpersonal counselor takes a holistic approach, viewing life and life experiences as part of the larger process of spiritual development.   You are the master of your own healing.  Guidance regarding emotional or physical symptoms, and/or current health diagnosis', can deepen your healing in a new and more complete way.    

The Transpersonal Counselor will blend energetic shifts, lifestyle guidance, and education, to create a foundation for you to better be able to take hold of your own wellbeing.    

Each therapy session will include empowering care which involves learning about the change needed and how best to participate in your own care.    

These practices are not a replacement for medical attention.  Always consult your health care provider. 

If you are in crisis, please call 1-844-437-3247 (HERE247) or 911.