Rev Dr Jacqueline Bowman, MMSc, PhD, NC, nd, Shihan continues to provide support in healing on all levels, emotionally, physically, and spiritually - both in person and virtually, within the Region of Waterloo, Ontario Canada.  Originally from the west coast of British Columbia, Jacqueline spends time delving into healing, reading, gardening, kayaking and being an explorer of many things.

As one who has travelled the very bumpy road in health, and found natural solutions for healing with the guidance from her own body's information, the right alternative care and Spirit, she can easily welcome those distressed in their health both physical or emotional/energetic health and unfamiliar energies.

Jacqueline utilizes her qualifications and abilities to be better able to communicate with the self on multiple levels. Facilitating and assisting individuals in invoking change to create right energy and peace in all things physically and emotionally.  



"There are really only about 5 reasons we are sick.  ALL of your symptoms are trying to give you information based on those reasons.  

When we work together, I translate the information from those symptoms in order to address your health holistically, giving you a new understanding and the opportunity to reclaim your power back. You become your own best healer."    Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a peer reviewed researcher and author. 

Her work can be found within the Energy Psychology Journal & online at Academia.edu.