When we create the right environment, miracles happen.

Dr Victor L Frank  

The Session

What does a Naturotherapy session consist of?  


Blend together what the body is asking for, be it Energy/Biofield practices (Reiki, Subtle Influence Medicine), Naturopathy, or Live Cell Analysis to assess and educate * and that is what we consider Naturotherapy!   


The causes of symptoms and diagnoses are addressed, and the body and all of its systems are brought back into harmony so that healing can happen, naturally. 

Number one task: Remove what is causing harm and fortify with what is missing. 

Naturotherapy is reuniting you with your bodies innate ability to heal itself, naturally.  

 * Be sure to explore the MODALITIES drop down menu.


Why  Naturotherapy?

  • Because nature knows best.   
  • Naturotherapy creates lasting health.
  • Because your body is not trying to do you harm. 
  • No negative side effects
  • For all ages  
  • Addresses immunity (autoimmune), stress, diet, and so much more.


Choose your appointment.

A 30-minute no cost ($0.00) consultation is available for new visitors.


These practices are not a replacement for medical attention.  Always consult your health care provider.