Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is Naturotherapy the same as Naturopathy?

Naturotherapy is the same as Naturopathy.  An accredited Naturotherapist is trained as a Naturopath, but they are not considered regulated as a doctor of naturopathic medicine here in Ontario.

Is Naturotherapy covered by health benefits like OHIP?

Naturotherapy is not covered by OHIP.  Naturotherapy is covered by many extended health benefits.  Check with your provider to see if Naturotherapy is included.

I was told that my bloodwork was normal but I still don't feel right.

Standard testing may be missing or not recognizing conditions revealed within bloodwork.  Darkfield microscopy is a technique that can be used to reveal conditions unseen by requested lab work.  This method observes the living unstained cells and microorganisms in their real-time environment, reflecting on multiple systems and conditions of the body.  Book your session for Live Cell Microscopy soon.

Do you know why I have weird and often uncomfortable symptoms? No one has been able to help me.

Seemingly random, intense and uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches, breathing issues, dizziness, eye floaters, skin issues and well, really, a very wide assortment of symptoms, sadly happen all too often now.  You may be experiencing Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance or perhaps Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  That's a lot of big words for the simple understanding that your system is overloaded! Think of it as your inner filter being plugged 😲.  And yes, change can happen which can give you great and lasting relief. 

How long will it take to get better?

Re-balancing and returning the body to its natural self regulating condition is a step by step process that takes time, requires monitoring and adjustments along the way. Also, our emotional selves need to be listened to and cared for.  Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or magic supplement to achieve this.  How sick you are and the number of years that you've been unwell matter when it comes to time.  It wont take near as long to notice signs of healing as the amount of time that you've been with symptoms.  

My goal is to resolve your health issues and get you to a minimal maintenance plan as soon as possible.   Ultimately, being in a place where you know what to do for yourself will empower you and give you skills to care for yourself and those you love in a new way.  Think of it as in time, taking your training wheels off and feeling the new found freedom. 

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