Reiki is known the world over as an effective system of relaxation, healing, and spiritual growth.  It is a tradition that grew out of Japanese culture, in which practitioners intentionally become the conduit for the energy of Reiki to flow into themselves or other recipients.  Reiki has been applied to a variety of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual conditions with astonishing results.   The word Reiki loosely translates to Universal Life Force Energy and Great Bright Light.  Reiki is not a religion.

Reiki is a vibration of an inherent intelligence.   As we, like Reiki, vibrate as cosmic energy, this vibration resides in every particle and within the very foundation of creation; it therefore is perfect balance.  Reiki allows us to return to perfect balance, to wholeness.  

Reiki is now also recognized as a biofield therapy.

Energetic shifts in the biofield also affect the quality of the blood and our cellular and terrain condition.  Research continues to be validating and expand on this healing capacity.  


Explore Reiki Is Associated with Changes in Blood Cell Quality: A pilot Study Using Darkfield Microscopy revealing definitive improvements cellularly, altering health in profound ways.  This peer reviewed paper is published in the Energy Psychology Journal by Jacqueline Bowman, practitioner/researcher & author.   

The Session.

Reiki is a hands-on healing practice.  Reiki is also effective when utilized during a distance (Telehealth) session.  Each in person session is offered on a massage style table, comfortably clothed and lasting from 30 to 60 minutes.

Why Reiki?

  • "Reiki kept me sane and functional during this long Covid lockdown."  
  • "The doctors and nurses were great during my chemotherapy, but I might have given up if not for Reiki sessions giving me a sense of hope and renewal."  
  • "When I was recovering from my illness, at times the pain and disability were so intense I couldn’t see my way through. Reiki sessions reliably brought me a sense of peace and possibility so I could keep trying." 
  • "My sleep improved shortly after I started receiving Reiki. I no longer need sleep medication and I’m sleeping better than ever. Not being exhausted all the time has improved my family life and my overall health. Now I enjoy taking walks most days."   

Reiki complements all healing choices.  

These practices are not a replacement for medical attention.  Always consult your health care provider.